Malware Scanning

Sadly we have found Malware (Viruses, Trojans, Back Doors, Spyware, Root Kits, etc.) on every single computer network we have scanned in the last six months. No wonder why Identity Theft is so common and why the VA Hospital had 173 cases of Malware found on medical devices inside the body last year. With 5000 new threats emerging daily it is hard to keep up with for any IT support team.

Malware often spreads like wildfire and without proper cyber security training for your staff, encryption and Malware Scanning, your network traffic can easily be spied on and sensitive data stolen.

Lots of times Malware gets on your network through e-mail phishing attacks, or by malicious scripts hidden inside common websites you visit like news, sports, weather, etc. Unless you are paying close attention, Malware can infect your network, steal sensitive data and create back doors into your network for computer hackers to use to further cause you harm. That is why it is a best practice to scan for Malware often so that you can remove it before it causes further harm.

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