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  1. Tech CEO Isaac Schlueter Calls For Fewer White Men In Tech
    The self-described "social justice warrior" also expressed support for Antifa.
  2. BuzzFeed Wants You To Fear Facebook’s Algorithms
    'quite frankly ludicrous'
  3. Deloitte Hit By Sophisticated Cyber Attack
    They're calling it 'a cyber incident'
  4. 3 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To Smartphones
    The science behind it
  5. British PM Wants More Internet Censorship: Delete ‘Extremist Content’ In 2 Hours
    The move will enable widespread censorship and kill freedom of speech.
  6. Zuckerberg Promises To Protect ‘Election Integrity’ After Handing Over Docs To Mueller
    'Pretty crazy'
  7. Apple Reporting Tech Problems Before Products Even Go On Sale
    Right in time for the holiday season!
  8. Michael Bloomberg Wants Facebook Employees To Moderate Every Single Post [VIDEO]
    'I'm sorry, you're going to have to do that.'
  9. ‘Free Speech Alternative’ To Twitter Doesn’t Last Long At All, Hit With ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Violation
    The website was given less than a week's notice to find another domain provider.
  10. Leftist Politics In Video Games May Be Hurting The Game Developers Conference
    Students are showing an active disinterest in the annual GDC event
  11. Dutch Company Introduces A New Product Based On Original Polaroid Camera
    'For the modern era'
  12. Dem Lawmakers Worry Self-Driving Trucks Could Be Used For Terror Attacks
    'I am very concerned'
  13. Here Are All The Important Things You Could Buy Instead Of The iPhone X
    How about four phones?
  14. NSA Secretly Gives Tech Company A $2.4 Billion Contract
  15. Apple’s iPhone X ‘FaceID’ Facial Recognition Sparks Racism Fears
    Tech journalists spread fears that police will use the technology to oppress minorities.
  16. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X Have Arrived. Here Are Some Of The New Features
    'A huge step forward'
  17. ‘Robot Lawyer’ Helping People Sue Equifax With A Few Clicks Of A Button
    'Bankrupt Equifax'
  18. Apple’s Newest iPhone Could Be Harder To Buy Than Ever Before
    'Severe short supply'
  19. Twitter Is Trying To Make It Easier For You To Go On Tirades
    May undermine it's own uniqueness
  20. California Is Fine With You Smoking Weed, But Not If A Drone Delivers The Order
    'Transportation may not be done by aircraft, watercraft, rail, drones...'

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