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Wireless Secured - Website & E-commerce Security Solutions

Wireless Secured helps you test the security of your website and e-commerce system.

We can help analyze the platform that your website and e-commerce system are built on for known security vulnerabilities, i.e. security holes in your content management system, flaws in the version of PHP you are running, etc.

We can help test for security vulnerabilities in the operating system that is hosting your website, i.e. Linux/Unix systems and Windows based operating systems.

And we can even test for flaws in the way your website was programmed, i.e. SQL injection vulnerabilities, and Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.

Since websites are often the most visible part of an organization, designed to allow other computers to access content found on the website, they are often the most attacked as well. Many data security breaches are the result of hackers gaining privileged access to databases found on websites. Because of this SQL injection is currently the #1 most implemented attack performed by hackers. And Cross Site Scripting (XSS) is the #2 most common attack on the internet today. Both of these are remote attacks that can originate from anywhere in the world with devastating results.

If your website handles e-commerce (credit card purchases), it is a prime target for any hacker looking to make money.

Also once the computer(s) hosting a website are breached, this often creates an attack platform for hackers to stage other network attacks from. A good example of this would be a hacker using a compromised web server to deploy a sniffer. A sniffer is designed to listen in on, and record network traffic flowing through your network. Unencrypted traffic on your network is passed in clear text so hackers can use this technique to capture passwords on your network.

If you host your own web server and it is sitting on your network, your web server has more privileged access to your network than a hackers computer located outside your network. This makes web servers low hanging fruit for hackers since they are often easy to compromise, contain valuable information (i.e. customer databases), and create a great platform to hack into the rest of your network from.

If you take your data security seriously we recommend having your website and e-commerce system tested regularly for security holes.

To find out more about how Wireless Secured can help you with all of your website and e-commerce security needs, please call 310-722-2383 today.

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