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"Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime." - Interpol

Let's face it, every time we turn on the news we see yet another incident where some bank, company or Government agency has been hacked into and had sensitive, personally identifiable data stolen. Why is this?

Because cyber crime is easy, low risk and it pays well.

Since cyber crime is a new business risk poorly understood by most C-level executives and the IT departments that support them, our researchers put together a Youtube channel where we do a proof of concept on hacking a businesses bank account to show how serious having vulnerabilities on your network can be.

Technically savvy criminals have learned that it is much easier to hack into a computer within minutes, undetected by IT departments (90% of breaches go unnoticed), and copy sensitive information deleting their tracks on the way out. It is so lucrative in fact, that more money is stolen each year through cybercrime than generated on the black market by the world wide illegal drug trade.

So knowing this, how can you protect your organization from becoming a data security breach headline in the news?

That is where Wireless Secured can help. We help businesses evaluate their current cyber security risk levels, perform skills gap assessments on their IT departments to identify areas of weakness, and help train staff on proper security protocols to help mitigate risk.

We also help IT departments select security technology that will not only keep their organization safe but also improve work flow and profitability.

Give us a call today at 310-722-2383 and see how we can help you with all of your cyber security related needs.

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