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Wireless Secured will help you select and configure the firewall that best suits your needs.

What is a firewall and how does it protect my network?

A firewall is a device that acts much like a security guard sitting in the guardhouse at a wealthy gated community. Like the guard, the firewall checks to see if the network traffic is authorized to enter, if the traffic is safe or malicious in nature, and if the traffic has the correct credentials and has not been forged. A firewall keeps many network attacks and the people implementing them out of your network and keeps your computers safe. Firewalls are also used to segment up a network, for example, to keep the accounting department separate so that a disgruntled employee can not access the computers that handle banking and payroll. Also network segmentation helps contain a data security breach to just the department that got hacked into and prevents the hacker from accessing the rest of the network. Without this firewall in place any network traffic can just drive on through and potentially cause serious damage to your computer systems and the data contained within them. Firewalls are a necessary layer of security for anyone that takes their data security seriously and can prevent a high percentage of data security breaches.

Note: Firewalls are just a layer of security and not a complete solution. There are many ways to hack a firewall and experienced hackers will know of these methods, however firewalls will prevent a lot of inexperienced hackers and disgruntled employees from gaining access to your network which will help prevent a lot of data security breaches.

Virus Protection

Wireless Secured will help you select and configure the virus protection that best suits your needs. From centrally managed enterprise level solutions to solutions designed for small satellite offices we handle it all.

Virus Protection is something every computer needs in today's world. There are over 5000 new malware and virus threats released each month and without virus protection your computers will quickly become infected costing you downtime, data loss, and expensive repair bills. With this said, virus protection is just a layer of security and not a complete solution. Virus protection works by using a database of known virus behavior or "footprints" to detect the known virus. This is why it is crucial to keep your virus protection up to date so that it can detect newer threats that have come out since you installed the virus protection. However virus protection will not detect 0-day exploits, polymorphic and metamorphic viruses (viruses that change there footprint with each new infection), bot-nets and a variety of other infections. For these types of threats other layers of security will need to be added to create a complete solution to cyber threats.

Secured Remote Access

Wireless Secured can help you set up secure remote access. If you are looking to get more work done, have access to your computer(s) from remote and be able to manage things while on the go, this is the solution for you. Many IT departments and IT solution providers can set up remote access but how secure is it? When we audited the Department of Water and Power we found they were using free remote software called VNC. Unfortunately the version of VNC they were using was old and had a number of security vulnerabilities that allowed hackers remote access as well. Also when we audited a large museum here in Los Angeles we discovered versions of RDP which also had security holes that allowed hackers access. One of the large manufacturers we recently audited was more on the right track by installing a VPN connection, but still when we audited this business we discovered that the remote network they were using the VPN from was not secure and that hackers could use their VPN connection to gain access to their business data. If you take your security seriously, give us a call and we will help you set up and maintain secure remote access to your organization.

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