Secure Wireless Network Design & Implementation

Wireless Secured - Secure Wireless & Wired Network Design & Implementation

Wireless Secured specializes in secure wired and wireless network design and implementation.

We work with all the top networking equipment vendors to create secure network infrastructure from the ground up, built with security in mind.

When it comes to network security the perimeter of your network is extremely important since it is the first line of defense against attacks. Wireless routers and access points are part of this network perimeter. Often times when we help customers secure existing networking equipment, we find that over 90% of their wireless networks can be breached from outside of their building due to poorly selected encryption algorithms and lack of proper authentication.

After more than a year of research we have discovered over 1 million vulnerable network perimeter devices just within the Los Angeles area that can be hacked into.

This goes to show that IT departments and the technicians working within them often do not understand how to properly secure these networks against attacks.

This is where Wireless Secured can help. By working with your IT department we can help point out vulnerabilities in their network's design to improve your organization's security. This in turn saves you from costly data security breaches.

To find out how we can setup a new secure network or improve the security of an existing network, give us a call at 310-722-2383.