Nanotechnology Research

Nanotechnology - The science that will change the world more than computers have.

Wireless Secured is investing heavily into Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology research to stay ahead of the curve and design innovative products that can be used in virtually every industry.

We are also in the process of forming strategic partnerships with companies and universities world wide that are leaders in the field of Nanotechnology research and development.

To find out more about how Wireless Secured or one of it's strategic partners can help you with your Nanotechnology related needs, call 310-722-2383.

R.O.O.T. - Ability to remotely control vehicle braking (Available to Law Enforcement ONLY)

In 2012 Wireless Secured conducted automobile cyber security research, specifically vulnerability assessments on how a vehicle's on-board computer communicates with the micro controllers used to electronically control a car. Our results were shocking, and now everyone on our team thinks twice about getting into a modern car.

Out of the dozens of things we were able to do, like turn the heater on full blast, control the volume level of the radio, change the speed displayed on the dash board, and even disable to brakes to crash the car, we found one practical application for Law Enforcement.

We could remotely control the breaking mechanisms in modern cars. Thus the R.O.O.T. project was born.

Wireless Secured is currently working on this device named R.O.O.T (Remote Operation of Transportation) that will completely eliminate high speed chases, improve law enforcement officer safety and allow more criminals to be apprehended without incident.

Our device allows a law enforcement officer to remotely access the on-board computer system of a modern car, send a signal to engage the breaking discs using a directional antenna, and incapacitate the vehicle, stopping the criminal from fleeing the crime scene.

Proof of concept research has already been conducted and implemented successfully. This product is expected to be available to law enforcement agencies by late 2014.

S.E.A.R.C.H. - Identifies and Maps Insecure Networks

In 2011, Wireless Secured invented the S.E.A.R.C.H. (Security Education And Research Concerning Hackers) System that can look at a building from the street level, identify wireless networks within the building and then detect and determine which of these wireless networks can be hacked into and how they can be breached.

This system uses publicly transmitted information about encryption algorithms in use on network perimeter devices to determine which networks are vulnerable to being hacked into.

Using this system, we can perform early detection of insecure networks, alert the owners of those networks, and stave off network attacks and costly data security breaches.

We have designed this technology to rapidly identify, database, and map vulnerable infrastructure. We have used this technology to scan Military Bases, Police Stations, Fortune 500 companies and many Government facilities with incredibly accurate results.

To have us perform an assessment of your facility, call 310-722-2383 and we will be happy to help you identify your vulnerable perimeter devices at an affordable cost.

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