Nanotechnology Research & Consulting

Nanotechnology - The science that will change the world more than computers have.

Wireless Secured is investing heavily into Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology research to stay ahead of the curve and design innovative products that can be used in virtually every industry including the Military.

We are also in the process of forming strategic partnerships with companies and universities world wide that are leaders in the field of Nanotechnology research and development.

To find out more about how Wireless Secured or one of it's strategic partners can help you with your Nanotechnology related needs, call 310-722-2383.

Advanced Robotics

Wireless Secured is currently partnering with defense contractors and manufacturers to work on innovative robotics and drone products to aid in intelligence gathering, surveillance in hostile environments, bomb disposal and automated offensive cyber security.

To find out more information contact our R&D department at 310-722-2383.

Communication Jammers & Blackout Devices

Wireless Secured specializes in a lot of RF devices and technology. We have formed many strategic partnerships that can supply us with virtually any RF technology and equipment you may need including jammers and blackout devices.

When you need to quickly knockout enemy communications on the battle field, or disable remote detonation of an IED from a terrorist threat, Wireless Secured is there for you.

Give us a call today at 310-722-2383 to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Biometric Devices & Facial Recognition

Wireless Secured is currently working with a leading biometric and artificial intelligence company out of Lithuania to design innovative defense and security products.

Some of the technologies we are currently working with have already been approved by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) to be fully MINEX compliant and are currently in use by the US Department of Justice.

One of our latest design projects is a facial recognition system prototype for Metro as part of an early detection and warning system to prevent terrorist attacks.

For more information on the technologies we are using and to talk about designing a product to fit your needs, please call 310-722-2383.

Offensive & Defensive Cyber Security Training

Offensive Cyber Security Training

If you need to quickly compromise a computer system to gain valuable intelligence on a target we can help.

We can show you how to:
  • Quickly identify vulnerable network perimeter devices
  • Infiltrate the perimeter of the network to gain access to the computers
  • Quickly assess target computer(s) for vulnerabilities (entry points into the system)
  • Implement an attack vector (exploit) to gain access to valuable data
  • Cover your tracks and get out of the network undetected

Defensive Cyber Security Training

We can teach you how to:
  • Stay current with the latest threats on a day to day basis
  • Identify vulnerable infrastructure
  • Implement security solutions for the most common threats and attacks
  • Teach you how to mitigate 0-day threats, DDoS attacks, polymorphic and metamorphic malware
  • Scan for existing malware on your network that got past your current security measures
  • Setup proper threat management systems to monitor your network's security 24/7
  • Train your end users how to stave off phishing and social engineering attacks
  • Assess your current security policies and measures for weaknesses

These are just a few of the many cyber security related topics that we can provide training for.

Please call 310-722-2383 to discuss your specific training needs.

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