S.E.A.R.C.H. - Identifies and Maps Insecure Networks

In 2011, Wireless Secured invented the S.E.A.R.C.H. (Security Education And Research Concerning Hackers) System that can look at a building from the street level, identify wireless networks within the building and then detect and determine which of these wireless networks can be hacked into and how they can be breached.

This system uses publicly transmitted information about encryption algorithms in use on network perimeter devices to determine which networks are vulnerable to being hacked into.

Using this system, we can perform early detection of insecure networks, alert the owners of those networks, and stave off network attacks and costly data security breaches.

We have designed this technology to rapidly identify, database, and map vulnerable infrastructure. We have used this technology to scan Military Bases, Police Stations, Fortune 500 companies and many Government facilities with incredibly accurate results.

To have us perform an assessment of your facility, call 310-722-2383 and we will be happy to help you identify your vulnerable perimeter devices at an affordable cost.

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