Computer Forensics

Wireless Secured offers computer forensic services.

If you are looking for computer based evidence to solve a crime, we can help. Most people don't realize that once you delete a file and empty your recycle bin a copy of the data is still on your machine and able to be retrieved. When you delete something it just erases the pointer telling the computer where to retrieve your information, using sophisticated software we can often recover this deleted data.

Another thing that people often don't realize is that modern cell phones like the iPhone actually track where you have been using GPS coordinates with time stamps, if you know where to look you can often prove where a suspect's phone was at the time a crime was committed. If the phone's data puts the suspect at the scene of a crime at the time it was committed this can help build a case against the suspect.

Give us a call at 310-722-2383 to discuss your computer forensic needs and see how we can be of service.

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