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Here at Wireless Secured we do a lot of research on how data security breaches happen. What most people do not realize is that sensitive data and e-mails are often passed in clear text across a computer network unless proper data and e-mail encryption measures have been put in place. What this means is that a hacker can breach the perimeter of your network, set up a passive sniffer and record all of the information going into and out of your network that has not been properly encrypted. This poses a huge security risk for most organizations.

If you look at data loss statistics you will find that 18% of all data loss occurs due to stolen laptops (13%) and stolen computers (5%). If organizations were to just encrypt the hard drives of these machines which is very cheap to do, they would cut data loss and their risk factor by 18%. Statistics from

Since 26% of all data loss occurs from hacking (people electronically breaking into your computers to steal sensitive information), if you encrypt the information they are trying to steal, their hacking attempts become futile and you avoid a costly data security breach.

For these reasons data and e-mail encryption solutions are strongly recommended for any organization that takes their data security seriously.

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