Offensive Cyber Security Capable Drones

Wireless Secured is currently in the early stages of R&D on creating an offensive cyber security capable drone.

Upon completion this drone will be able to:

  • Fly to a target building and land on the building's roof
  • Collect encryption data from the target network's perimeter devices found within the building
  • Transmit this encryption data to cloud based computing infrastructure for cracking
  • Break the encryption using multiple computers located within a data center
  • Transmit the cracked password back to the drone and login to the hacked target network
  • Run a vulnerability assessment against the computers within the network from the drone
  • Identify an attack vector and implement an attack to gain control of a target computer
  • Gather intelligence and data from the compromised computer system using the drone
  • Transmit this information back to the drone operator in real time.
  • Have the drone erase its footprint and fly home undetected

This is an ambitious project and our R&D department is predicting a prototype by late 2015.

For more information on this project please contact our R&D department at 310-722-2383.