Offensive & Defensive Cyber Security Training

Offensive Cyber Security Training

If you need to quickly compromise a computer system to gain valuable intelligence on a target we can help.

We can show you how to:
  • Quickly identify vulnerable network perimeter devices
  • Infiltrate the perimeter of the network to gain access to the computers
  • Quickly assess target computer(s) for vulnerabilities (entry points into the system)
  • Implement an attack vector (exploit) to gain access to valuable data
  • Cover your tracks and get out of the network undetected

Defensive Cyber Security Training

We can teach you how to:
  • Stay current with the latest threats on a day to day basis
  • Identify vulnerable infrastructure
  • Implement security solutions for the most common threats and attacks
  • Teach you how to mitigate 0-day threats, DDoS attacks, polymorphic and metamorphic malware
  • Scan for existing malware on your network that got past your current security measures
  • Setup proper threat management systems to monitor your network's security 24/7
  • Train your end users how to stave off phishing and social engineering attacks
  • Assess your current security policies and measures for weaknesses

These are just a few of the many cyber security related topics that we can provide training for.

Please call 310-722-2383 to discuss your specific training needs.

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