Computer Hacking Victim Help Center

Have you been the victim of a data security breach and had your computer hacked into?

Wireless Secured is here to help.

Our highly skilled CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) specializes in data security breach cleanups. We can help you pin point how the data security breach occurred, close the security holes used to gain unauthorized access into your system, scan for back doors and root kits left by the hacker for easy access to your system at a later time, secure evidence of the breach, and look for hidden data stealing software like key loggers which are often deployed by hackers to record the keystrokes you type to gather sensitive information like bank logins and credit card information.

We take care of all the hassles and headaches of data security breaches so you don't have to. When a data security breach occurs every minute counts. The faster you lock the hacker out of your computer network the less damage they can cause.

Also many people do not realize this but when a data security breach occurs many laws can come into play on both the federal and state level. For example in California, if personally identifiable information is stolen, by law it must be reported to those whose information was affected. By doing your due diligence to find out exactly what information was accessed by the hacker you can often times greatly reduce these reporting costs and eliminate unnecessary reporting. Also in California if over 500 personally identifiable records were accessed the breach must be reported to the Attorney General.

Wireless Secured will help you navigate through your breach cleanup and make sure it is handled correctly saving you costly fines and other legal issues.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of a data security breach, don't hesitate, disconnect from the Internet and call us today at 310-722-2383, and we will help you handle the rest.