General Computer Support

Wireless Secured still offers general computer support on an hourly basis as our way of giving back to and helping our local community. We can handle any computer related need or issue, large or small.

If you would like to set up a wireless network so you can pull up recipes from the kitchen on your laptop, respond to email from the couch while watching TV or allow your kids to play online videos games from their bedroom, we can help.

If you want to set up a laser printer and share it with all of the computers in your house to save on ink, we can do that too.

If you want to set up online backup so you don't lose important work or family photos of grandma, we can can help with that as well.

Even if you get a nasty virus and your computer will no longer start, we'll take care of that.

Wireless Secured offers a full line of computer support and repair services and can even help you with things like upgrading memory to make your machine faster, backing up a hard drive so you don't lose data or even helping you set up a Facebook page so you can connect with family and friends.

Any computer related need you have, just give us a call at 310-722-2383 and we will help you out.