Secure Home Network & Computers

Many home users do not realize this, but home networks are by far the easiest to hack into and many home users do not know enough about computers to even detect a data security breach when it occurs.

This is why many hackers starting out hack home networks to learn how to hack before taking on bigger corporate enterprises.

Also wealthy neighborhoods are known as "low hanging fruit" to hackers because they often contain C-level executives living there and back doors into the more secure corporations these executives remotely access from home.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about let's look at our wifi vulnerability map of Beverly Hills, CA and Bel Air, CA shown below.

Each yellow marker on the map above represents a wireless router that is running a certain type of encryption with a known vulnerability allowing hackers access to these networks. In English, every yellow marker you see on this map is a wireless network that can be hacked into in less than 10 minutes.

What can a hacker do once they hack in? Check out our Youtube Channel that our researchers put together to show why it is important to keep your network secure.

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