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Computer Security Training:

Wireless Secured offers a variety of computer security training courses designed to improve your organizations overall security.

When it comes to computer security, often lack of employee awareness and proper cyber security training is an organizations weakest link. This is why the 760 attack in 2010 worked so well. During this attack Hackers were able to gain access to 760 of the world's largest companies through spear phishing and social engineering attacks.

This point becomes even more apparent in a recent study done by the Department of Homeland Security where USB drives were dropped into fortune 500 company parking lots to see how many employees would plug the USB drive into their computer to see what was on it. Shockingly 60% of these drives were plugged in. Now if Homeland Security would have put a self installing backdoor program onto these drives 60% of these companies would have been immediately breached, bypassing any security measures they had in place. Next the Department of Homeland Security took this experiment a step further and put the companies' logo on the USB drives before leaving them in Fortune 500 company parking lots... 90% of these USB drives were plugged in.

This goes to show the importance of employee training when it comes to IT security. It is often an employee's poor judgement that allows a data security breach to occur that could have easily been prevented.

Since cyber crime is a new business risk poorly understood by most C-level executives and the IT departments that support them, our researchers put together a Youtube channel where we do a proof of concept on hacking a businesses bank account to show how serious having vulnerabilities on your network can be.

Computer Security Oversight & Management

Wireless Secured provides Security Oversight and Management services for your organization. We work with your organization's IT department(s) to set up best practice computer security policies and procedures that improve the overall security of your organization. We also manage implementation and tracking of these policies to make sure that they are being followed and enforced to keep your organization safe from cyber security threats and risks.

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