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Wireless Secured - Information Security Audits & Penetration Testing

Wireless Secured is a cyber security research company that is on the cutting edge of IT security.

Each member of our team spends two to four hours a day just researching the latest cyber threats and attack vectors being used by hackers to gain unauthorized access into computer systems.

How does this translate into how we can help your organization? Since we keep up to date daily with research on how corporations and governments are currently being hacked into, we know exactly what to look for and understand the attack methodologies employed by today's hackers.

We then apply all of this knowledge to the assessment of your organization. Typically before we even walk through your front door we know exactly how to breach the perimeter of your network. This is because we invented a system that analyses publicly transmitted encryption algorithms found on perimeter devices and alerts us to vulnerable encryption methods.

We also employ sophisticated tools that check for over 50,000 known network vulnerabilities to identify which computers residing on your network can be hacked into and how. After identifying vulnerable machines we provide you with detailed reporting as to which vulnerabilities were found and their associated risk level. On a small network of 30 computers this security report will typically be 200+ pages in length and contain over 100 discovered vulnerabilities that hackers could use to escalate privileges and gain access to your data. This lets you prioritize the remediation process to close the largest security holes first and focus attention where it is needed.

Wireless Secured believes in never coming to you with a problem without the solution, so after our security audit is finished we will work closely with you and your staff to close the security holes we discovered.

Depending on what your security requirements are and your budget we can also perform penetration testing services in addition to our security audit. During penetration testing we will, with your written permission, break into your computer network and then disclose the method we used to gain access. Penetration testing services start at $30,000 where as Security Audits start at around $1,500.

For more information on how we can help test your organization's security, give us a call at 310-722-2383.

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