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Wireless Secured offers a variety of, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Threat Management Systems, from large enterprise level solutions to small branch office solutions, we will help you choose the Threat Management System that best matches your needs.

Threat Management Systems allow you to track active cyber threats on a 24/7 basis and alert you when there is a problem. Modern day Threat Management systems are essential for helping IT support staff keep on top of the cyber threats that firewalls, virus protection and other security measures miss, things like 0-day exploits, polymorphic and metamorphic viruses and worms, botnets, DDoS Attacks, advanced persistent threats, etc.

Due to the nature of modern day cyber threats and attacks the solutions that we used to combat these threats three years ago are no longer effective. Cyber criminals have learned how to circumvent these solutions with ease.

Most people think that if they install a firewall and virus protection that they will be safe from harm. This is simply not the case any more. A lot of modern viruses and malware are written to change their code randomly on infection, this makes it impossible for virus protection to identify these threats using virus definitions, also there are six ways to easily hack a firewall, so these solutions are simply not enough.

If you take your data security seriously you need a Threat Management System in today's world or you are going to get hacked into. The good news is it is far cheaper to put effective security measures in place now than it is to wait until after a costly data security breach.

If you don't already have a threat management system in place or if your threat management system is more than three years old give us a call at 310-722-2383 to see how we can help you protect against the latest cyber security threats.

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