Plug and Play Defense Network in a Box

As we all know cyber attacks and the criminals that implement them are getting more and more sophisticated. That is why solutions that worked in the 90's and 2000's are no longer effective against today's attacks. A company used to be able to purchase Anti-Virus protection and a Firewall knowing that they were secure but that is just no longer the case. This line of thinking is exactly why we are seeing so many computer security breaches in the news.

Today you need network visibility. (IDS, IPS, SIEM, etc., in addition to Firewalls and Anti-Virus) That way you can see attacks as they happen in real-time allowing you to quickly shut down the attacks before they cause damage or steal your sensitive information. This is where Wireless Secured's solution comes to the rescue.

We built an entire defense network inside of a single computer that you can deploy on your network. This gives you the visibility you need to defend against modern attacks.

See components and features of our security solution below:

Virtualization PlatformWatchGuards
KVM & Container VirtualizationNetwork Security Monitoring System
Central ManagementSignature Based Intrusion Detection
Reliable Backup/RestoreFull Contect & Forensic Visability
High AvailabilityTraffic Monitoring & Analysis
Flexible NetworkingFull Packet Capture Analysis
Flexible StorageMultiple Intrusion Detection Systems
And Much More...Selectable IDS Deployment
CastleWalls & InnerWallsSecurity Analyst Console
Multiple FirewallsLog Management System
Web Based GUISecurity Monitoring Web Interface
Traffic ShapingThreat Detection Web Interface
Load BalancingPacket Capture Web Interface
VPNSeamlessly Pivot Between Tools
NATLarge Collection of Network Security Tools
Network ToolsSee What Data Was Stolen Via Logs
Graphs & ReportingSee How The Attacker Breached The Network
Dynamic DNSFrame By Frame Evidence Of Network Attack
Captive PortalNetwork Efficiency Monitoring
Proxy ServerLogs Every Network Transaction For Evidence
And Much More...And Much More...
SEIM - Security Incident & Event ManagementOver 300 IT Security Tools
IDS - Intrusion Detection SystemMost Used Penetration Testing Platform In The World
IPS - Intrusion Prevention SystemEasily Audit Networks For Security Issues
HIDS - Host Based Intrusion DetectionAnd Much More...
Traffic Analysis
NetFlow Analysis
Log Management & Analysis
Asset Management & Discovery
Anomaly Detection
OS Detection & OS Change Analysis
Attack Correlation
Network Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Many Unified Security Tools
Security Information Visualization
Compliance Resources
Risk Calculation
IP Reputation Monitoring
Supports Many Security Plugins
In Depth View Of All Security Aspects
And Much More...

HYYA – Our defense network in a box gives you the visibility you need to spot problems early, identify malicious users and outside threats, and to mitigate attacks before leading to costly data security breaches. It also gives you the tools you need to gather forensic evidence in the event a data security breach does occur. Without a system like ours in place network administrators know very little about what is actually happening on their network and have little control when problems do arise. By using systems like WatchTower and Assassin, network administrators can quickly scan an organization for vulnerabilities or simulate real world network attacks to test their systems before they are targeted by hackers. This greatly reduces organizational risk and keeps networks in compliance with various regulatory bodies to eliminate costly fines.

With visibility comes awareness and with awareness comes proactive action to keep your network and most importantly, the data on your network, safe from attack. Wireless Secured offers the most analytical, comprehensive, and easy to use defense network in a box.

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For a free Demo of our defense network in a box and to see how Wireless Secured can help you with all of your information security needs call 1-800-245-3002 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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