WiFi Vulnerability Map - SF

Using state of the art technology that we developed, we can identify all of the hackable networks inside of a building before ever setting foot inside the building. Wireless Secured does this by analyzing the encryption types of these passworded networks to determine how they can be breached. See map of hackable networks below:

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Networks That Are Vulnerable To:

SelectMarkerAttackBreak-in TimeVulnerable Networks% of TotalLocationAccess Gained
Type I10 Minutes17,65516.06%San FranciscoFull Access
Type II30 Seconds to Several Years39,17235.63%San FranciscoFull Access
Type III3 to 6 Hours21,80719.84%San FranciscoFull Access
Type IV15 Minutes3,0262.75%San FranciscoPartial Access
Open NetworksAnyone Can Access23,07520.99%San FranciscoFull Access
Secure NetworksUnknown5,2064.73%San FranciscoNo Access
TotalVulnerable Networks:109,94195.27%San Francisco92.52% - Full Access

Wireless Secured now offers remote WiFi and wired network vulnerability testing to English speaking countries. Our vulnerability testing services start at $199.95 USD. Call or e-mail our office if you would like to have your WiFi or wired network tested for security risks.

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